Crypto-fascist ice capades, in the pantheistic dwelling of metaphysical plains, divided only by reason and a capacity to be reasoned out of

Memories exist like perforated vectors; ripe to be muddled with

All that is known is that which can be undone
And to be undone is purely to give reason to what isn't known to be, and to be known too as well

Dwelling in the ice plant smoothly and frostily, a wake must surely be arresting these daft times of which we must all seem so confounded, arrested and spread between the nap of

When a season of metal makes itself known, and known to be seen, seen to be heard, heard to be masticated, and masticated justly as a carving of that which is considered liquid; to be undone in such jubilation unto an extant passage of wood

When all that is known is done, then a dejection of dichotomies must be enacted to recollect the unforetold deaths which will lie in it's place; this is where we have been left

Dwelling in the Annals of the Ice Plant

For next, all known shall come; with the arrival of the flame

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